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Kite range Archive

T4 Competition

The T4 series was developed for the Airheads team when we started flying together. Also used by Sky Symphony and Close Encounters. We've retired this design earlier than planned in 2011 when the first prototypes of the T5 worked so well.

T2 Competition

The T2 was our first full-size team kite, developed for the original Airheads team and produced from 1996 to 2008. It became one of the leading team kites used by Flame, Vortex and others and picked up awards taking the top 2 slots (for the Zero and Standard) in a group test of 10. See the review on the Aerialis site: http://www.aerialis.no/community/modules/wfsection/article.php?articleid=116

Sky Symphony still use their T2 Absolute Zeros as kite-of-choice for light wind displays and the T2 SUL also makes a showing at Stack competition events.


Trancer with optional orange dacron

The original Trancer was as mad as a bag of monkeys. Fast, loads of fun and fantastic in high wind. You could pull the lines almost at random and 9 times out of 10 the Trancer would turn it into a trick. The Trancer 2 was a bit more refined but still bonkers. Both versions based on carbon-kevlar frame which is now getting hard to source. So I'm not making any more of these so I can keep my remaining stock of the tube for customer spares.


Dharma SR

Over 10 years in production and through a range of variants, the SP, SPiX and SR - I've withdrawn this while we concentrate on the XE, which has much more balanced all round characteristics. The Dharma is still a lovely late afternoon chill out kite...

T2 Solo

T2 Solo with assymetric panel

The Solo is scaled-down (to 0.91 scale) from the T2 Competition and re-engineered for solo flying. Detailed revisions in 2005 brought the Solo right up to date including roll up tricks.

The 2005 specification is a complete retrofit for existing T2 Solos and details are on the Technical page.

Replaced by the Insider.


Very nice to fly, but didn't quite make the grade as a replacement for the T2; but I couldn't find the balance with the UL and vented versions; but many of the ideas were incorporated into the T4.


Very competent freestyle kite, but overtaken by the hotrod T2 Solo for broad-based performance. This shows the limited edition 'Sign of the Times' version with applique based on a crop circle design. Just one made in each colour.


Indoor kite, using Breeze tube. Used for setting an endurance record for indoor flying - since broken! - but Breeze tube is just way too expensive.

Dark Star

Our first design.