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T5 V2

T5 Taipan V2 - Mega-Vent

The T5 V2 has been developed for extreme conditions.

Compared with the V1, there's a much larger main vent panel and 2 additional mesh panels. The main panel has a rip-off so the amount of venting can be varied. With the rip-off in place the kite will fly in as little as 10 mph; remove the rip-off and the kite works up to 30+. We are now shipping with an extra (small) rip-off which gives a little boost to the handling at the bottom end of the wind range.

Vented kites are the most difficult to design - especially keeping a wide window and at the same time keeping speed and pull under control. The V2 has proved a reliable flier in extremely challenging wind well above the STACK competition limit.

SkyShark P400 leading edge, 8P spine and Nitro spreaders. We can supply extra inserts for tips and spine if the kite is likely to be used in crazy wind. The Chikara fabric is strong enough to take serious loading and it has a little 'give' which helps the V2 absorb gusts.

Price is £295 Email to order or for more information