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T5 Taipan Standard

We developed this as the Airheads kite-of-choice during the 2010 season; it's just very dependable, easy to fly, very precise and surprisingly trickable. It has the biggest wind range of any kite I've designed, delivers very consistent pull and doesn't rip arms off even in high wind.

The T5 proves that a team kite doesn't need to pull like a train; what's needed is consistent pull in different wind conditions and this design delivers.

SkyShark P200 frame with SkyShark Nitro spreaders. Reverse turbo bridle in Marlow marine racing. Optimised for 4-15 mph wind or a little more if used with brakes.

The P200 frame is team-oriented; you can specify a stiffer frame if you want a more 'snappy' feel for solo flying.

Price is £200 Email to order or for more information