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T5 Taipan Competition Range

The T5 is an advanced team/precision/ballet kite. Introduced in 2011 and a significant step on from its predecessors the T2 and T4, incorporating a lot of experience from display and competition flying.

The best thing about the T5 is it's incredibly easy to fly; it just does what you ask it to - so you can concentrate on the routine.

We have the luxury of using a full set of 5 kites, each optimised for different wind conditions.

T5 Cuban/Zero: This is a no-compromise low/zero wind kite; it has the same geometry as the Taipan, with increased sail area to keep it in the air when nothing else will do. For 0-5 mph wind.

T5 Taipan Light: This is a UL/SUL kite, but manages to have similar handling to the Standard. Works best in 3-10 mph wind.

T5 Taipan Standard: This version does everything we like in a team/precision kite. Works best in 4-15 mph wind.

T5 Taipan V1: The V1(semi-vent) has a single (fixed) vent panel which kills some of the pull, without affecting speed or window. Works best in winds from 8 mph up to 20mph or more - especially when used with brakes.

T5 Taipan V2: The T5 V2 has been developed for extreme conditions. Variable venting panels allow the kite to fly in as little as 10 mph, right up to 30+. This under development, but will share design elements from the T4 V2 (pictured).

Each kite has a massive wind range, so you can easily cope with variable wind conditions - and you can mix different combinations: 1 kite - choose Light or Standard; 2 kites - choose Light and V1; 3 kites - choose Cuban/Zero, Standard and V2.

Finally, a handbook! Click here to download (pdf).

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