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T5 Range

T5 Competition Range

The T5 is an advanced team, precision and ballet kite. It's easy to fly, pulls consistently but not too hard and is very forgiving.

Developed specifically for the Airheads team, and built on experience from display and competition flying and lessons from our previous team T2 and T4 kites.

The range includes 5 kites, each optimised for different wind conditions. They all have a very big (wide and high) window and big wind range so they cope with variable wind and have big overlaps between the kites - so less chance of having the 'wrong' kite in competition.

T5 Cuban/Zero: This is a no-compromise low/zero wind kite; it has the same geometry as the Taipan, with increased sail area to keep it in the air when nothing else will do. For 0-8 mph wind.

T5 Taipan Light: This is a UL/SUL kite, with very similar handling to the Standard. Works best in 3-10 mph wind.

T5 Taipan Standard: This version does everything we like in a team/precision kite. Works best in 4-15 mph wind.

T5 Taipan V1: The V1(semi-vent) has a single (fixed) vent panel which kills some of the pull, without affecting speed or window. Works best in winds from 8 mph up to 20mph or more - especially when used with brakes.

T5 Taipan V2: The T5 V2 has been developed for extreme conditions. Variable venting panels allow the kite to fly in as little as 10 mph, right up to 30+.

The T5 has a nice consistent and progressive pull; solid, predictable and relatively light so it's good for long practice sessions - and also works for smaller/lighter fliers. The T5 also creates less wake (turbulence) which makes it an easy kite to follow.

All the kites have similar handling characteristics, although the Cuban is a special case for very light wind. Big overlaps mean you don't necessarily need all 5 kites; you can mix different combinations: 1 kite - choose Light or Standard; 2 kites - choose Light and V1; 3 kites - choose Cuban/Zero, Standard and V2.

The alternative name Taipan applies to the UL, STD, V1 and V2 versions and the zero version is usually called the Cuban, a slight twist on the original 'Cuben' fibre sail - now Dyneema Composite.

More details and specifications in the handbook. Click here to download (pdf).

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