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Chinese Dragon Kites

Chinese dragons are quite unlike dragons in the west; they are seen as wise, benevolent and bringers of good fortune.

80 metre 

The dragon heads are all individually hand painted - each one is unique with its own 'character'. They all feature:

  • Deer horns, as deer are ridden by the imortals and represent longevity and good luck,
  • Tigers eyes - the tiger is the king of the beasts, mighty and strong.
  • Catfish whiskers, to represent the material wealth. (Catfish are an essential part of the Spring festival meal).
  •  A humans beard, as a symbol of intelligence and talent.(The longer the beard the wiser you are).
  • The segmented body (centipede) represents a snake.

With dragon kites, all the lift is created by the tail segments; the feathers are essentially stabilisers. In strong winds the tail rises almost vertically. They will tolerate very high wind speeds - we have flown them in 25 mph winds.

We have a range, starting from a small dragon with a 3.5m tail, right up to a monster with 80 m tail.

Dragon kites are surprisingly good flyers. Even the smallest will fly given a decent wind - and the larger ones need only a gentle breeze. The really big ones need a team to handle them on the ground so they are ideal for family or club outings.