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T5 Cuban/Zero

The T5 Cuban/Zero is designed for days when there really isn't enough wind to fly.

With the Airheads, we've often been asked to fly in ultra low wind; we've developed this version of the T5 specifically for those conditions. I've put tricks as a low priority here; the kite will perform the essential axle/half axle tricks but its real purpose if to stay in the air and allow ballet routines in near-zero wind.


It has the same frame geometry as the T5 Taipan, but a different sail plan and bridle and features the latest SkyShark Zero Air tube for the tips, 2PT for the upper leading edge, 3PT Black Diamond for spreaders, SkyShark Nano for top spreader and P90 for the spine.

The Cuban version uses Cuben Fibre for the sail. This is an advanced Mylar/Dyneema sandwich laminate material which offers incredibly light weight at around 11 gm/m2 (compared with Icarex at nominal 32 gm/m2). It's not the most aesthetic option; but is the current state-of-the-art for low weight. Flies a little faster than the Icarex version, which is helpful for ballet routines - which aren't usually choreographed for very slow speed. Price £250

The Zero version uses 'normal' Icarex PC31 fabric - price £225

Optimised for 0-4mph wind. It generates solid pull in 3 mph wind and it's possible to keep the kite in the air in zero wind by walking to and fro; the kite is set up not to flare out so it is possible to make up ground in almost any wind.

Update: We are now making these with SkyShark 2PT tips which are stiffer than the Zero Air. This improves the upper end up to 6-8mph.