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PO Box 22,
Hereford HR4 8UW, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1432 379250


Airdynamics sport kites enjoy a reputation for high quality, innovative design and high performance.

We also supply excellent Chinese Dragon kites and other traditional Chinese kites which we import from Weifang in China, recognised as the source for the best quality Chinese kites.

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Just added - a custom made kite bag for sport kites.   NEW: Kite bag

We sell our kites direct and over the Internet. You won't find our kites in the shops; we prefer to give a personal service direct to our customers. We have a small workshop and we build Airdynamics kites to order, so you can have a say in colours, frame choice and so on. And we're always happy to talk to you about which kite to choose.

Our Chinese dragon and traditional kites are also built by hand in China, using very different technology, but to a similar high standard. We've worked with the same supplier for over a decade to bring in the best-performing kites; OK not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for!


I've decided to spend more time flying, and less in the workshop, and I'm delighted to be flying with the Airheads. More information on the Airheads website www.airheads.org.uk

Herefordshire Festival

We support and help to organise the Herefordshire Kite Festival. www.kitefestival.org.uk with Karl and Sara Longbottom. Karl builds exceptionally fine single line kites.