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Airheads Equipment


Our standard team kite is the Airdynamics T5 'Taipan', designed by Peter for the Airheads. More information on the Airdynamics website

Chinese Dragon Kites

Traditional Chinese Dragon Kites imported from Weifang by Airdynamics. We have probably the largest collection of Dragon Kites in Europe; for most events we use our 3 30m dragons; we also have 50m and 80m kites; the 80m is only suitable for large events - it needs a very large arena to fly.


The 100ft tails are an important part of the Airheads display; each tail is individually designed by Valerie as a unique art piece. If we aren't flying them with sport kites, we fly them from lifter kites.

Fighter kites

Preferred fighters are classic tissue by Babu Khan, Macs and more recently the intruiging Bai designed by Stephen Hoath and pterodactyl by Karl Longbottom..


We have a stack of rokkaku kites which were made specifically for the public to join in.

Airheads Rev

We sometimes fly 4-Line Revolution style kites - including the Airheads redesigned rev; based on the classic Revolution kite but with different proportions, an active bridle and magic stick system proposed to us by the French Team Crazy Drivers (thanks!) and refined by Paul.

Climax lines

We normally use the excellent Climax lines for sport and single line kites. See the Climax lines website for details.