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Airheads people

Peter, Keith, Vee and Doug in action.


Peter Taylor is best known as the designer of Airdynamics kites. Peter holds a world record for indoor flying with two kites.


Keith Griffiths flys pairs with Vee and competed as as Ex-Grads.


Vee Griffiths is responsible for Keith's kite addiction - Keith bought his first kite in an effort to impress her; it worked as they are now married!


Valerie Hancorn is Peter's parter and co-owner of Airdynamics; Valerie designs the tails which are an important part of the Airheads show, acts as head ground crew and steps in to fly fighters and dragons.


Mick Burls is one of our dragon kite pilots and helps with crewing for the sport displays; Mick is also a mean rokkaku pilot and winner of the UK 2010 competition series.

Doug & Paul

Doug Irvine was leader of team Matrix Management before joining Airheads. Now taking a break to focus on making music.

Paul Collins retired from flying kites but still helps the team with original moves. Paul's opening gambit is usually "I've had an idea..."


The Airheads first formed as a competition team back in 1995 with a completely different line up which went through a number of changes including Steve Gibson, Steve Wooley, Karl Longbottom, Gary Watts and Craig Fraser. Peter and Valerie designed the T2 kite for the 'original' Airheads team and Airdynamics was team sponsor.

The competition team retired after a couple of seasons and the Airheads continued as an ad-hoc team - just for fun.

The new Airheads line up started flying together in 2006 and made a first 'official' appearance together at Weymouth in 2007.

Airheads are primarily a display team, although we did one season of competition and secured 10th place in the World Sport Kite Championship 2012 in Berck-sur-Mer.