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Chinese Dragon Kite - small & tiny

These miniature dragons come with very nice presentation boxes and make ideal presents. We supply these mostly for decoration or to have as a traditional good luck item. The small size will fly unaided in the right conditions - they need10 mph + clean wind without too much turbulence - ideal for the beach. Some of our customers fly them from roach poles.

For kite enthusiasts though, we generally recommend the medium size as a starting point, because it will fly in less wind.

Normally available in red or blue with painted scale type cells.

Small dragon 
 with presentation box

The tiny dragon, pictured below left, is strictly for decoration; just too small to fly unaided, but still very charming.


Small (S)

Head Size (chin to top of horns)

8cm (3 in)
11 cm (4 in) 

Overall length of tail

56 cm (22 in)

3 m (10 ft)

Diameter of disc (segment)

3 cm (1.2 in)

5 cm (2 in)

Overall segment width

15 cm (6 in)

33 cm (13 in)





£ 2.50


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