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Chinese Dragon Kite - large

These are Large heads - showing red, blue - which we normally have in stock - and the yellow/gold head which is occasionally available. Not shown in the photo are the tail segments - these are usually the opera character style although sometimes they have the painted scales.

This size is big enough to be spectacular and not difficult to manage on the ground; likes medium (8mph) wind and upwards and is a good choice for a first 'serious' dragon kite. We supply these without a presentation box (shipping costs make these very expensive) although they are available by special order.


Large (L)

Head Size (chin to top of horns)

45 cm (17 in) 

Overall length of tail

15 m (50 ft)

Diameter of disc (segment)

15 cm (6 in)

Overall segment width

80 cm (31 in)





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