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Xe: freestyle/multi


Developed as a pure freestyle kite the Xe manages to retain very good all-round behaviour. With the supplied ballast it will do all the radical tricks; take away the ballast and it has a much more conventional character. A lighter pull than our more recent Insider, and the Airheads are finding this a very dependable choice for multi-kite flying.

The overall design is deceptively simple - I've worked hard on the XE to get rid of non-essential features and at the same time build in the best bits from my previous designs.

As usual with our kites, you can choose any colour combination at no extra charge.

The XE works best in light to medium winds; the frame is tough enough to work in high winds, but air brakes are essential to keep the speed reasonable.


Wingspan 233cm  
Weight 250 gm  
Spine (1 part) SkyShark P100/P200 825 mm
Upper Leading Edge SkyShark P100 750 mm
Lower Leading Edge SkyShark P100 720 mm
Upper Spreader 6.0 carbon  
Lower Spreader SkyShark Black Diamond 5PT  
Standoff 3 mm Glass  
Bridle 3-point 1.5 mm Dyneema
Fittings APA/R-Sky  
Sail Icarex PC 31 Colours to order


£150.00 + £10 delivery (UK) Discounts available for STACK members.

If you are interested in ordering an XE, start by contacting us for a quote and discuss your specification.