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Insider: all round performance/polyvalent

The Insider is a versatile freestyle kite, offering a blend of precision, old-school tricks and easy access to all the new-school tricks.

It shares some of the design thinking from the T4 but re-engineered for freestyle. I've aimed for a balanced approach, rather than full-on freestyle, so the kite will fly accurate figures, it stays dead flat in 540s, stays stable in fades for easy backspin cascades; it rolls up securely - all the tricks are paced to give the flyer enough time to synchronise and blend from one trick to another.

It's slightly scaled down (0.91) from full size, pulls solidly and give a lot of feedback down the lines. Optimised for light to medium wind (3-12 mph).

Supplied with ballast, concealed fittings and roll up stoppers.


Wingspan tbc  
Weight tbc  
Spine (2 part) SkyShark P100/P200 825 mm
Upper Leading Edge SkyShark P100  
Lower Leading Edge SkyShark P100 825 mm
Upper Spreader 6.0 carbon  
Lower Spreader SkyShark Nitro  
Standoff 3 mm Glass  
Bridle 3-point 1.5 mm Dyneema
Fittings APA/R-Sky  
Sail Icarex PC 31  


£180.00 + £10 delivery (UK) Discounts available for STACK members.

Email to order or for more information